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At Ashlar Architecture & Engineering, LLC we believe in client-focused services and design. Every project presents a diverse set of challenges and opportunities. Our dedicated, experienced, professional design team provides our clients with the technical expertise, collaborative energy, and design innovation to tailor our services to our clients' unique needs. Our knowledgeable, multi-generational staff of architects, designers, and engineers can provide complete architecture and engineering services as your project demands.



  • Full Service Architectural

  • Feasibility Studies / Site investigation

  • Master Planning

  • Renderings

  • Site Planning

  • Code Compliance Designs

  • Engineering Analysis & Design

  • Building/Facility/Space efficiency review and analysis

  • ADA Code Compliance Consultation

  • Agency Review & Submittal

  • Conceptual Design

  • Preliminary Design

  • Preliminary Analysis of Probable Construction Costs

  • Project Management with preliminary time-line scheduling and monitoring 

  • Design Development

  • Construction documents for agency review, or bidding, or contract negotiation

  • Consulting engineering: Structural, Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing, Fire Sprinkler

  • Coordination with client’s consultants

  • Administration of the construction contract

  • Post construction and pre-warranty review

To augment our in-house expertise, we collaborate with a great team of consulting engineers, designers, engineers, and contractors.

Let us show you how we can help you, and contact us today!


Fees are negotiated on a project by project basis depending upon scope of services and complexity of project.

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