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W. Jefferson St: Multi-Use Remodel

Butler, PA

The property at 113 – 115 West Jefferson was an abandon building in the City of Butler. The project involved improvements to the building to take it from a vacant building to a usable revenue generating building.


Ashlar AE through Gray Consulting and JJ Prpperties worked to bring the building back to a full and productive use. The property is a mixed-use building with commercial on the first floor and residential on the second and third floors. This project was part restoration and part renovation. It involved all new mechanical, electrical and plumbing. The roof was replaced, and the façade was repaired. Many of the original architectural elements of the building were either refurbished in place or used in another element of the build design.

Ashlar AE /Gray Consulting Design Team:

Joseph L. Gray, P.E.

General Contractor:

Arris Construction, LLC

Jefferson apt A (2).JPG
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