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Main & New Castle St: Building Renovations

Butler, PA

The Property at the intersection of Main and New Castle Streets was purchased by E & E Downtown Properties, LLC. The owner Ed Etzel envisioned bringing the two buildings back to a more presentable and useful property. This property on Main Street in the heart of the city was ripe for renovation with all of the renovation efforts on many other buildings on Main Street and the revitalization results in the City of Butler. The property had two buildings on it that were connected by a hazardous fire escape. The apartments were original and unimproved for decades. The project included some restoration, renovation and modernization of utilities and other components necessary today. To save on space HVAC systems were located above the new ceilings and under the upper floor or roof structures. The connecting stair structure connected the two buildings and provided some area for exterior entertaining by the tenants. The end result was six up-scale apartments on the second and third floors and available commercial space on the first floor.


Ashlar AE through Gray Consulting provided full architectural and engineering services for the project. The residential apartments were completely redesigned providing modern amenities while maintaining as much of the historic nature of the building as possible. The project required many upgrades to meet current codes and desired amenities. The stair structure required extensive analysis and thought to provide proper access to the five different elevations between the buildings. The design attempted to utilize as much of the vintage architecture elements as possible.

Ashlar AE Design Team:

Joseph L. Gray, P.E.

Richard Faust

Developer/ Contractors:

E&E Downtown Properties, LLC

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